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Cost Is a shoulder operation expensive? - Should it be cheap?

In this age of "savings at any cost", we repeatedly have to ask ourselves how much our health is worth and what compromises we are prepared to accept. When we have to go to hospital, for example, how much value do we place on the accommodation, the medical service, having a free choice of doctor or hospital, etc? Do we want to be treated by a doctor whom we trust or by just any surgeon? In these cost-conscious times it is certainly appropriate to discuss the financial aspect with the surgeon. That being said, there is wide variety of shoulder operations, and surgical fees differ accordingly.

Always bear in mind the amount of work involved (information, preparation, technological expense and complexity of the operation, etc.) and consider the huge responsibility that a surgeon has to bear, since a "poor shoulder" almost always results in at least partial disability. Perhaps we have got things out of proportion? We can easily pay 600 to 1000 Swiss francs for a normal service on our mid-range car; we can also easily spend a few thousand francs a year on those essential holidays - and this would just be for a skiing holiday with all the equipment and clothing, etc.

Is not a correctly and sustainably functioning, pain-free shoulder that enables us to carry out all the movements we have to do every day also a valuable asset?