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Disorders and injuries of the rotator cuff
Inflammation of the bursa

For various reasons - not infrequently after an accident or overexertion - the bursa between the acromion and rotator cuff muscles can become inflamed. Treatment involves the usual anti-inflammatory drugs, ointments, cooling compresses and gentle exercise therapy. Injecting cortisone into the bursa is also very effective. Please remember that cortisone is not an intrinsically harmful substance, but actually occurs as a stress hormone in our body.

If no medical action is taken, the body will treat inflammation itself by secreting more cortisone from the adrenal gland. Consequently, local administration of this drug to treat inflammation is very successful and not at all harmful in many cases, since the body itself reacts by producing the same hormone. In my view, it is all a question of moderation: As in many other situations in life, the saying that "too much is unhealthy" applies here. Local administration of cortisone in the bursa is capable of treating an inflammation in an enclosed space very efficiently without any major effect on the rest of the body.

However, an accurate diagnosis must always be obtained before treatment is started, so that we know what we are treating and where treatment has to be administered.