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Disorders and injuries of the shoulder Anatomy and biomechanics Anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder  
    Superficial muscle layer: "movement cuff"  
    Deep muscle layer:
"centring cuff = rotator cuff"
    The biceps tendon  
    Ligaments and joint capsule  
    The acromioclavicular (AC) and sternoclavicular (SC) joints and the suspensory apparatus of the shoulder  
  Examination techniques Medical examination of the patient  
  Instability Trauma-related instability of the shoulder  
    Offene Stabilisationsoperationen  
    Constitutionally-related shoulder instability  
    Instability of the acromioclavicular joint: AC joint  
    Instability of the SC joint  
    Apical instability  
  Biceps tendon and limbus Biceps tendon  
    Limbus (joint meniscus)  
  Rotator cuff Tearing of the rotator cuff and its consequences "Simple" rotator cuff reconstruction
      Major RC defects and their treatment
      Deltoid flap reconstruction
      Postoperative management of RC reconstruction
      Der nicht mehr rekonstruierbare Rotatoren-manschettendefekt
    Loosening of the rotator cuff, thinning and formation of a bottleneck beneath the acromion (impingement syndrome) Surgical treatment
    Inflammatory disorders of the rotator cuff, joint capsule and bursa Inflammation of the bursa
  Fractures of the shoulder girdl Subcapital humeral head fracture Publication 1
Versorgung der Tuberkulum majus - Fraktur
      Publication 2
Versorgung der Mehrfragment - Fraktur - Teil 1
      Publication 2
Versorgung der Mehrfragment - Fraktur - Teil 2
      Publication 2
Versorgung der Mehrfragment - Fraktur - Teil 3
    Fractures of the shoulder blade  
    Fractures of the collarbone  
  Arthrosis in the shoulder girdle Shoulder arthrosis (omarthrosis)  
    Acromioclavicular arthrosis  
    Sternoclavicular arthrosis (between the collarbone and breast bone)  
  Arthritis of the shoulder girdle Arthritis of the shoulder  
    Arthritis of the AC and SC joints  
  Metabolic disorders Gout, diabetes mellitus, etc.  
  Congenital deformities Congenital deformities  
  Tumours Tumours  
  Functional problems Functional problems incl. psychosomatic disorders, neck, shoulder and arm pain due to irritation of the spine and the veins in the neck and arm  
  Rehabilitation Post-operative rehabilitation of shoulders  
    The three phases of shoulder rehabilitation  
  Complications Complications that can occur after a shoulder operation  
  Physiotherapy after surgical procedures on the shoulder Phase 1: Wound healing / rest on a cushioned splint (weeks 1-6)  
    Phase 2: Mobility, movement sensation, start of strength training (weeks 6-12)  
    Phase 3: Strength build-up, stamina, improvement of general strength, sport  
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