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Fractures of the shoulder girdle
Fractures of the collarbone

A very common fracture at any age. Collarbone fractures also occur as a result of a fall involving the application of direct force against the shoulder or by a fall onto an outstretched arm. This fracture almost always heals without surgery and simply requires the application of a special figure-of-eight bandage. Surgery is required only if the skin has been injured or is at risk of injury by the fracture fragments, or if blood vessels or nerves have been damaged as a result of the fracture.

In rare cases, fractures fail to heal and secondary surgery is required after a few months. The average healing period in a figure-of-eight bandage is 4-8 weeks.

1. Fracture almost always heals with immobilisation

2. Surgery frequently required because of injury to ligaments

3. Fracture heals with immobilisation